​Frederik J. Kuys Burial Location and Tribute

Provided by Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum and Memorial Properties

Memorial Properties knows the complexities involved with the passing of a loved one, relative, or dear friend. That’s why we’ve taken the time to provide those interested with information about ​Frederik J. Kuys and their specific burial location at Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum in New Jersey.

Deceased Name: ​Frederik J. Kuys
Date of Birth: 7/23/1921
Date of Death: 2/24/1986
Cemetery Location: Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum
Type of Interment: Niche – Urn
Date of the Burial: 6/2/2018
Day of the Burial: Saturday
Location of Burial: Niche Wall #3, 16, D
Funeral Home: Family Service
Funeral Home Address: N/A

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