About Memorial Properties Cemeteries in NJ

our principles

Memorial Properties began in 1985 with a sincere desire to address the major trends in the New Jersey/ New York Death Care Industry. We are family owned and offer individual services and financial options to meet everyone’s needs. Memorial Properties is willing to break traditions to help serve our families better and believe today’s wisdom is tomorrow’s peace of mind. This philosophy will assure your family the best possible options at your lowest possible cost.

These points of service have allowed our company to become the cemetery, mausoleum and cremation leader in the Metropolitan New Jersey/New York Area. Memorial Properties has special programs to meet your family’s special needs. We are proud of our contribution to those thousands of families who have taken advantage of advanced planning.

If the thought of purchasing pre-need cemetery property makes you uncomfortable, maybe you should think about it from your spouse and children’s point of view. Facing this obligation BEFORE the need arises gives you time to compare and consider the facts.

Consider the Following….

Choosing a burial place is inevitable. It can be done when there is a death- a time of sorrow and confusion- or it can be done now, with a clear frame of mind, but it MUST be done sometime.

Death is a time of expense. Selecting now will relieve financial problems later, when such problems are a real burden. Pre-need prices and time payment plans make purchasing most attractive now.

It should be a shared decision. Statistics show that at the time of need, it is usually the woman who must face this inevitable decision and expense. Since most husbands and wives make financial decisions together, logic would certainly dictate that arranging for something as important as their final resting place should also be a shared decision.

Financial Savings Today. Emotional Savings Tomorrow. Peace of Mind Forever