Green Grove Cemetery

Green Grove Cemetery in Keyport, NJ

Known as the Pearl of the Bayshore, Keyport, New Jersey is unparalleled when it comes to its outdoor beauty. Between the stunning waterfront, high quality parks and open spaces, it’s not hard to see why people value their time there so much – especially the time spent in awe of its awesome views of the bay and ocean. Another admirable quality of the Monmouth County borough is the family and community culture. The town prides itself on a shared belief: That the quality of families and their neighborhood should be evident in the quality of their collective outdoor space.

Practiced Community Values

Green Grove Cemetery, located on Green Grove Avenue in Keyport, NJ, stands behind the community’s values and shared belief system – so much so that the founders made a promise to build a traditional cemetery that fits into the shore community and all that it stands for. This promise has been fulfilled for years. Landscape-wise, Green Grove Cemetery is comprised of beautiful lawns and gardens, reaching a total length of 12 acres; each section is constructed from high quality granite and stonework. Green Grove’s garden mausoleum in particular consists of spacious open courts, set around a charming set of brick archways.

Affordable Protection

Because Keyport is known for being family-friendly, both cheerfulness and a sense of overall peace has been imparted into the creation and atmosphere of the cemetery grounds. Aside from the direct reflection of Keyport’s community ideals, the above and below ground services offered for family members, friends or partners provide an unbeatable form of permanent security and comfort to those who lay down to rest at the cemetery and mausoleum of Green Grove. This protection comes at a completely affordable price, so that the families of Keyport can give their loved ones one of the finest above or below ground ceremonies available, at a place where they feel the most at home.

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