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Mausoleum and Cremation Services in Manasquan, NJ

Atlantic View Cemetery and Mausoleum in Manasquan, NJ is a family-owned, full-service memorial park near Ocean County, which provides a variety of custom services and programs to fulfill anyone’s burial requirements and desires at anyprice point. AtMemorial Properties, we are devoted to assisting you during this difficult time in your life by granting you the peace of mind that the burial of your loved one is being handled with extreme care.

Formerly known as a church cemetery in 1876, this tranquil property was converted into a non-sectarian cemetery, spanning 26 acres. Atlantic View Cemetery and Mausoleum offers in-ground burials, an above-ground mausoleum, and both in-ground and mausoleum options for cremations. As a family-owned company, Atlantic View Cemetery and Mausoleum does not treat each person like a number. We work with each individual and family to meet their budget, wishes, cultural preferences, and unique requests for their loved ones. After so many years in business, we have become experts in creating lasting memorials for each unique individual.


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Burial Options Near Ocean County NJ


Above-Ground Burial

The above-ground mausoleum at Atlantic View Cemetery and Mausoleum is known as The Trinity Mausoleum. The Trinity Mausoleum was built to accommodate those wishing for an alternative or traditional burial near Ocean County. The Trinity Mausoleum is a one-of-a-kind, breathtaking building – a tranquil setting for quiet reflection. Above-ground burials in a mausoleum are a more cost-effective option compared to in-ground burial.

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Those who choose cremation can be laid to rest at Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum as well. Cremation is one of the steps to prepare for memorialization, where the body is reduced to its most basic elements. Those who choose cremation for themselves or a loved one can reserve a place in one of our peaceful mausoleums in New Jersey.

Special Burial Programs Offered Near Ocean County at Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum

At Memorial Properties,we work with each individual and family to meet their unique needs and wishes and properly honor their loved ones. We offer a variety of religious and culturalburial programs, as well as programs meant to honor those who gave their lives protecting our communities.

Areas We Serve

Memorial Properties is proud to offer in-ground burials, above-ground burials, and cremation services for families of all beliefs and backgrounds in and around Manasquan, New Jersey. With ten beautiful cemeteries and mausoleums located throughout NJ, you can always expect high-quality and compassionate memorial services when you choose to work with us. Memorial Properties also provides a variety of special burial programs upon request. Explore our full list of areas served, including those in Manasquan and Ocean County, to begin pre-planning your own arrangements or to plan the funeral of a loved one today.

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Memorial Properties’ Cemeteries and Mausoleums in New Jersey

Memorial Properties is proud to offer those throughout New Jersey with a variety of final resting places to choose from, including Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum, giving those in Monmouth and Ocean County convenient access to our burial services. All ofour locationsare kept in pristine condition 365 days a year and are surrounded by natural beauty to promote a peaceful environment.

Manasquan FAQs

You can find the Manasquan cemetery, Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum, at 49 Forest Ave. Manasquan, NJ 08736

Available at this location are services for above-ground burials and cremations, accompanied by special burial programs that cater to religious, non-religious, and cultural preferences.

We have cemeteries throughout Northern NJ. We serve neighborhoods in Montclair, Livingston, New Brunswick, Whiting, and Toms River, as well as many others. You can see all of ourlocations here.

The average cost of funerals ranges from $7,000 to $12,000, influenced by the personal wishes and requests of each individual. Elements that may affect the total cost of a funeral include, but are not limited to:

    • Funeral home’s basic service fee
    • Traditional burial or cremation
    • Transporting, preparing, and embalming the body
    • Visitation and viewing
    • Casket, urn, or vault
    • Funeral or memorial service
    • Flowers and wreaths
    • Printed materials
    • Hearse
    • Service car/van
    • Perpetual care

Funerals can be expensive, and it may seem hopeless if you don’t have money set aside to pay for such costs. There are some types of programs that you may be aware of, however, that may provide assistance, such as:

    • Government programs – especially if the deceased had little to no resources, or may not have family. Try your county treasurer to learn more. Social Security also offers a one-time payment to the deceased’s spouse, and veterans additionally may qualify for assistance.
    • Cremation – one of the least expensive options may be cremation as there are no costs for a casket and some other associated services.
    • Payment Plans – while some funeral homes may offer pre-payment plans, Memorial Properties also encourages pre-planning. This means paying ahead for funeral expenses you might normally incur, alleviating the burden of an upfront cost while allowing for the type of funeral plot and service that is most adheres to the deceased wishes.

Yes, you can see the most common burial serviceshere.At Memorial properties, you can also customize the burial service that is most suitable to your faith, culture, or wishes.

Yes, learn more about pre-planning for any of our locationshere.

We have a wide range of burial options, and these include ones specifically forpolice officers,firefighters, andveterans.

Certainly! Learn more aboutsetting up a tour here. Explore our locationshere, then give us a call to set up a tour at your chosen property.

Compassionate Burial Services from Memorial Properties in Manasquan, NJ

Whether you are seeking to create pre-arranged burial plans or are wanting to honor a recently passed loved one, Atlantic View Cemetery and Mausoleum can assist you in all stages of the process. We are located in Northern Monmouth County, just a short drive from Ocean County. At Memorial Properties, we strongly believe inplanning aheadfor the inevitable. When you plan ahead, we can ensure that every wish you have for after your passing is taken care of, which then takes the burden off of your loved ones.Contact usor visit Atlantic View Cemetery and Mausoleum in Manasquan, New Jersey today to learn more about our additional services and to further discuss your options.

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