Veteran Funeral Options in NJ

Veteran Funeral Services

Veteran Funeral Options at Memorial Properties

Memorial Properties’ Veteran’s Program proudly serves those who have served our country. We are honored to be a part of the Veterans & Family Memorial Care funeral home network, providing the best in care for those who served—and for those who love them. We are experts in arranging, directing and coordinating all of the details surrounding the death of a veteran or a veteran’s family member. Membership is FREE and now open to honorably discharged veterans, their spouses, parents and adult children.

Veteran Funeral Services in NJ

For those veterans who have proudly called New Jersey their home, Memorial Properties offers outstanding veteran funeral services. Eligibility includes military members on active duty, United States veterans of war, both members and former members of the Selected Reserve, members who have served a minimum of one term of enlistment (so long as they did not separate as dishonorable) and those who are retired from the military. The veteran funeral services include benefits such as the U.S. flag, an inscribed cemetery marker, a gun salute, transportation costs and a burial in a national or state veterans’ cemetery within NJ.

The Most Respected Veteran Funerals in NJ

As far as veteran funerals in NJ go, the services at Memorial Properties go unmatched. For retired military members’ funerals—for those who have 20 or more years of service—we will contact and request an active duty honor guard from the deceased retired military member’s specific branch of service. This will then be followed by a ceremony that consists of a speech from a Chaplain, a flag folding and the presentation of that flag to the next of kin, a rifle salute and the playing of TAPS. For those honorably charged veterans with less than 20 years of service, the appropriate branch of service and local veterans group for Military Honors requests will be contacted. A burial ceremony will follow, including an honor guard rifle statue, flag folding and the presentation of that flag to the next of kin as well as the playing of TAPS.

Dignified Veteran Burials

Veteran burials always include universal items that are both sacred and significant to the veteran. The veteran burials at Memorial Properties include a wooden flag case, provided by the U.S. military, for any active duty deaths. For the other veteran burials, other wooden flag cases are available and can be looked at upon request. Once the funeral service has been made complete and it is time for the veteran burial portion of the ceremony, Memorial Properties will transport the group to a veteran cemetery location. All veterans—and sometimes even their spouses and children—receive a free cemetery space, grave opening and closing service, a grave liner and a headstone.

Begin Planning a Veteran Funeral Service in NJ at Memorial Properties

At Memorial Properties, we take Veteran funerals in NJ very seriously. For more information about our Veteran’s Program, please feel free to contact Memorial Properties by calling 732-820-0211. You’ve earned it!

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