Hispanic Funeral Options - Funerales Hispanos in NJ

Traditional Hispanic funeral ceremonies at Memorial Properties are deeply rooted in the catholic customs of the Hispanic culture. The Hispanic culture accepts death as a part of life, celebrating one’s death as the soul going “home.” The funeral process doesn’t begin after death, but before one passes. A priest will give the ailing person their Last Rites, consisting of confession, communion and a pastoral blessing before their soul moves on.

Traditional Hispanic Funerals in NJ

A traditional Hispanic funeral will consist of 3-4 days of services and vigils to honor and pray for the deceased. A Catholic Priest will lead the services for the funeral, starting with the wake – a time to join together and pray, share memories, and pay respects. A day after the wake, the funeral service will take place to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased, where family and friends can light a candle in honor of their loved one.

Our traditional Hispanic funeral ceremony follows the same burial etiquette as other Catholic funerals. A procession will begin to the cemetery, where the casket will be lowered into the earth. Family members will be able to throw a handful of earth into the grave of their loved one following tradition. Family and close friends are allowed to read a eulogy at this time, or say a few words in honor of the deceased loved one.

The cemetery is a place of great pride and respect for traditional Hispanic cultures, representing a Holy Field. That is why Memorial Properties offers traditional Hispanic funeral ceremonies to accommodate Hispanic families with the best possible options at the lowest possible cost.

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