Christian Burial Options in NJ

Christianity, with its many different branches and sects, is the world’s most popular religion. Much of a Christian’s life is dedicated to making the right choices that will lead them into an afterlife in Heaven. After death, it is important that the burial follows the right customs in order to honor the person’s religious beliefs.

At Memorial Properties, we understand the beauty, tradition, and dignity of Christian traditions, and will help you and your family execute it. Our goal is to always be a friend of the deceased. If you are in need of aid for learning more about funeral and burial of a family member or loved one, please find our nearest cemetery to you and we will will be happy to guide you through this trying time.

Christian Funeral Services in New Jersey

A Christian funeral celebrates the faith of the deceased as they begin their eternal afterlife in Heaven. There may be a wake or viewing according to the family’s preferences, where guests can offer their condolences to the loved ones of the deceased. The actual funeral is usually held a week after the time of death, and is led by a pastor or priest. At the funeral, prayers and hymns may be sung to honor and reflect upon the dead, followed by eulogies presented by family and friends.

The funeral service may also take place at the burial site of the deceased person, where the religious minister will say a few words to bless the gravesite and the body before it is interred. Wherever the service is held, guests may send flowers to decorate the casket and service. Guests are expected to wear black out of modest respect.

Respectful Christian Burial Options

Whether you choose a burial or cremation, below ground or above ground, the Christian faith honors a person’s life and the remains of the deceased as consecrated ground. The funeral procession involves the guests following the hearse carrying the casket to the burial site. Memorial Properties offers different funeral procession options, from Harley-Davidson or Rolls-Royce Hearse, to a horse-drawn carriage. We can pass the deceased’s church or personal favorite location on the way to the memorial site in order to make their final journey a special one.

Christians are commonly buried in-ground. As the casket is lowered into the ground, flowers or dirt are commonly thrown onto it by guests giving their final goodbyes. Above-ground is another option, where the deceased can be buried in a community or private mausoleum. Christians may also be cremated, although the practices on how the cremated ashes may be memorialized differs from each branch’s beliefs. We have a special Community Bible Cremation Niche in our chapels for those who wish to have their remains memorialized alongside those who share their same Christian faith. For all of these different burial options we offer group programs where your family or religious organization can buy a plot of land to either be buried together in-ground or in a mausoleum.

Memorial Properties celebrates all major Christian holidays, including Easter, All Souls Day, and Christmas. We offer spacious grounds at all of our cemeteries for family and friends to come to their loved one’s grave site to pray and reflect on these special days.

Learn more about Christian Funeral Options in NJ at Memorial Properties

Death is never easy, however, your Christian faith can make the grieving process more manageable. Christian burials are always respectful and adhere to tradition. To make the process easier on your family and friends during this sensitive time, we recommend that you pre-plan your or your loved one’s burial so that all of their personal and religious needs and requests are met. Our staff is trained in all aspects of the Christian funeral, and use our immense knowledge of the Christian Faith to help families make important decisions regarding the funeral arrangements. Contact Memorial Properties today to plan a beautiful Christian funeral by calling 732-820-0211.

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