In-Ground Burial Options in New Jersey

In Ground burials are the traditional and most popular burial option in the United States. An in ground burial is ideal for those that want an outdoor memorial, would like a place for loved ones to come and reflect, and for those that would like to be memorialized next to their loved ones.

A traditional in-ground burial usually involves the intact remains begin placed in a casket and buried underground. The gravesite is marked with some sort of memorial, such as a flat bronze plate or a standing granite monument. After the burial, landscaping will be done to create an attractive memorial site.

If you are looking to pre-plan a traditional in ground burial in New Jersey, Memorial Properties is here to help. Whether you would like to plan your own memorial, or your entire family’s burials, our team will ensure every last detail is taken care of. By planning for the inevitable, you can relieve a lot of the stress and emotions that are evoked during a difficult time. Contact Memorial Properties today by calling 1-888-662-9600.

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