Catholic Burial Options in NJ

Those of the Catholic faith are always welcomed at Memorial Properties. All of an individual’s or family’s needs will be met according to their Catholic faith. We understand the importance of tradition and religion in carrying loved ones through this trying time, so we will make sure to make your loved one’s Catholic burial as comforting and respectful as possible.

If you are in need of sending a family member or loved one to the next life, please find one of our Catholic cemeteries here. We ensure that all of our burials or cremated remains are treated with the utmost respect that is so deserved.

Catholic Funeral Services in New Jersey

The Catholic funeral service is rooted in centuries-old tradition. The most important aspect about Catholic funerals is that it focuses on the deceased entering Heaven. It celebrates Christ’s victory over death and suffering, with the deceased moving on to a better place, not of this Earth.

The first act of the Catholic funeral service is the wake. This is held for two or three days before the funeral itself. Here Catholics hold a vigil service to pray for the deceased’s soul, as well as give their eulogies, since these are not allowed during the mass. The funeral mass, the second part of the service, is traditionally held in a church, though it sometimes it may also be held at the funeral home. Funerals are typically somber and respectful, and guests wear black clothing. Catholic funerals are usually not held on Sundays, as this day is reserved for regular church services. The final part of the Catholic funeral service is the Rite of Committal. The priest will come to the deceased’s final place of rest, where he will bless the burial and give the final rites.

Respectful Catholic Burials

After the funeral rites have been held, the funeral procession begins at the church and ends at the cemetery. Memorial Properties has many options regarding the funeral procession, including what vehicle you would like the casket to be carried in. We can also drive past an important religious or sentimental location to your loved one, so they can see it one last time during their final journey on Earth.

Catholic burials are traditionally in-ground, to model Jesus Christ’s entombment when he died. According to Catholic tradition, it is preferred that the body is buried among other Catholics, to celebrate and enforce the unity of their faith. Memorial Properties offers group burial programs for churches and religious organizations if you or your loved one wish to be buried with your religious family and friends. Many Catholics are also buried above-ground, which can be a more cost-effective option than an in-ground burial. Above-ground interments are usually in a community or private mausoleum, where the remains are stored in a dry place. You can choose to decorate the spot with religious items, sprinkle holy water, hold a prayer vigil, and more.

It is a common misconception that Catholics do not allow cremation. In fact, cremation is becoming an increasingly common practice. After the deceased is cremated, they are then memorialized either in-ground or above-ground in cremation niches. The Catholic Church stipulates that cremated ashes should not be scattered – rather, that they are entombed just like their religious brothers and sisters. We offer a special Community Bible Niche inside our chapel for those that want to be with others who were of the same religious faith.

Memorial Properties celebrates all major Catholic holidays, and we understand the need for visiting deceased loved ones on these important days. We offer spacious grounds and parking space at all of our cemeteries so that the whole family can gather and pray at the gravesite of their ancestors. Among the Catholic holidays we respectfully celebrate are Easter, Christmas, and All Souls Day.

Planning a Catholic Funeral Service In NJ at Memorial Properties

Catholic burials are an integral part of their religious traditions, and Memorial Properties will do everything we can to honor this. Catholic funeral services celebrate not only the person’s life, but also their everlasting salvation with their savior Jesus Christ in Heaven. Given the many traditions and customs involved in a Catholic funeral, we recommend that it is best to pre-plan your service with Memorial Properties and a religious official to make sure all of your or your loved one’s needs and requests are taken care of. Memorial Properties knows that this is a very sensitive time for your family, and we will help with anything to make this process easier. For more information about our Catholic funeral services, please contact us by calling 732-820-0211.

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