Permanent Residency Program in NJ

At Memorial Properties, we understand the financial burden that death can have on family members that are responsible for paying for the funeral services and burial. This is why we often encourage
pre-planninga funeral so that arrangements are made long before one passes. We also try to ease the financial burden of a funeral with our special permanent residency program at Memorial Properties. Our permanent residency program is designed to ease the financial burden of death for individuals that live in the same county as one of our ten locations in New Jersey.  

Qualified Residents Receive a Cemetery Savings Credit

At Memorial Properties, we offer a Permanent Residency Program for qualified permanent residents to receive a certificate valued at $1,495. This certificate can be directly applied toward a full-price mausoleum, cremation niche or a free community cremation space in our above ground mausoleums (at any location). The only requirement is that a qualified permanent resident makes their arrangements prior to their death.

Who is a Qualified Permanent Resident?

In order to qualify for this program, you must be a resident for at least one year or longer of one of the counties that Memorial Properties is located in. Memorial Properties hascemetery and cremation locationsthroughout NJ, including Belleville, East Brunswick, Ewing, Holmdel, Keyport, Manasquan, Old Bridge, Short Hills, Stafford, and Whiting. We love the communities we are located in and see this program as a way to involve the community in what we do.

Why are We Offering a Permanent Residency Program?

The Permanent Residency Program was designed to encourage our local community members to learn more about the important decisions that will one day need to be made regarding death. Death is a topic that many people get uncomfortable to talk about. However, it’s something everyone needs to plan for.  Pre-planning ensures all of your wishes are carried out after your death, and it also helps relieve the burden of death on your family. Your family will be able to grieve and remember you without stressing over the financials and details of what you would have wanted for your service.

Cemetery Savings at Memorial Properties

Learn moreabout our permanent residency program and discover if Memorial Properties is the right cemetery for you. We look forward to speaking with you and take honor in the prospect of guiding you through these important life decisions.

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