Cremation Options in New Jersey

What is Cremation?

Part of making plans for after death, whether for yourself or a loved one, is determining how the person will be put to rest. One such option is cremation – the process by which the enclosed deceased is placed in a cremation chamber where, through heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to its basic elements. These elements are referred to as “cremated remains.” The remains are not ashes, but bone fragments. After preparation, these elements are placed in a temporary container that is suitable for transport. The cremains are often placed in an urn that can be customized to embody the person who has passed away, and then put to rest in a place where family members and friends can visit and reflect on the person’s life.

Cremation is not the final disposition, but serves as the preparation for “memorialization.” An integral part of our recovery from loss is the need to see and know that our loved ones are in a place where we can return to remember and honor their memory. That’s why many of us display pictures in our homes of loved ones that have passed away. Cremated remains can be put to restabove-ground in a mausoleumor interredbelow-ground. At Memorial Properties, our family is here for yours during this difficult time, and will ensure that all of your needs and wishes are met. 

Above-ground burial options
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Memorialization Options for Cremation in NJ

AtMemorial Properties, we provide resting places for cremated remains within our beautiful mausoleums, as well as below ground. Permanent memorialization is a part of this process, and is about remembering your loved one and provides a lasting tribute that preserves a family’s heritage. Memorial Properties offers families in NJ:

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Community Bible Niche

The cremation urn is displayed inside our luxurious chapel mausoleums with a marble enclosure. Name and dates are inscribed on a feature placed inside the crypt space.

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Private Niche

Personal memorialization for one or two. Niches are enclosed with marble or granite which also features the names and dates of your loved ones. In addition, private niches feature a glass front display for decorative urns.

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Private Family Cremation Space

Personal memorialization for multiple inurnments within a family. A wonderful tribute for the whole family featuring the family name in marble or granite and specific names and dates on a feature placed inside the family space.

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Urn Garden

For placement of the urn within the ground featuring the name and dates of your loved one on a monument placed at the gravesite.

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Pre-Planning Cremation Services in NJ

No one enjoys the thought of death, despite the fact that it is an inevitable part of life. Making burial arrangements after someone has passed away adds stress to an already trying time, and the best way to avoid this is to make your arrangements in advance.Pre-planning your arrangementshas many benefits, including saving your family costs in the long run and providing peace of mind for everyone involved. Pre-planning also ensures that all of your wishes will be honored, because you will be able to choose how and where you would like to be buried. When you work with Memorial Properties, we will guide you through each step of the process, so you can make the right choices for yourself and your loved ones. We believe that today’s wisdom is tomorrow’s peace of mind, and we follow this philosophy to help serve NJ families in the best way possible.

How Much Does Cremation Cost in NJ?

At Memorial Properties, we are transparent with each family that works with us, so we will be clear about pricing for burial from the beginning of the process. Cremation is an excellent option for burial, as it is more cost-effective than a traditional burial. Those who choose cremation or above-ground burial are able to avoid many of the additional costs that are associated with an in-ground burial, including the digging of the grave, vaults, lot maintenance, and more. 

We understand the financial demands associated with the occurrence of a death, which is why we do whatever we can to make our burial services affordable for those who work with us. Families that set up an appointment to meet with a counselor at Memorial Properties will receive a certificate of credit up to $1495 to put towards an above-ground space, in-ground interment space, or community bible niche. Please contact us by calling 732-820-0211 to learn more.

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Mausoleums in New Jersey – Above-Ground Burial with Memorial Properties

At Memorial Properties, we offer mausoleum spaces and below-ground interment for those who wish to be cremated. We are proud to offer those in New Jersey ten beautiful final resting places throughout the state, which include pristine and peacefulcemeteries and mausoleums. No matter the circumstances of your situation, Memorial Properties is here to help you during this stressful and confusing time.

Cremation Services in New Jersey

Those in New Jersey seeking cremation and burial services can trust Memorial Properties to provide compassionate assistance to you and your family. Whether you are pre-planning your arrangements to save your family stress and costs in the future or you have been tasked with planning the burial of a loved one, our family is here to provide you withburial options and programsdesigned to fit your unique needs. We honor each life lost by creating a burial service that incorporates their life and personality, and pay close attention to religious and cultural wishes for burial. To learn more about our cremation services in New Jersey and our diverse range of burial services and mausoleum locations in NJ, pleasecontact ustoday by calling (732) 820-0211.

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