Harley Hearse for Burial in New Jersey

Using A Motorcycle For A Funeral

Want to go out in style? AtMemorial Properties, we pride ourselves on all of the unique arrangements we are able to enthusiastically accommodate. Whether you or the person you love is a motorcycle enthusiast or just someone who wants something different for their last event on earth, a Harley Hearse may be just the right fit.

What is a Harley Hearse? 

Memorial Properties’ Tombstone Hearse Co. offers services for an alternative farewell ride for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life with our Harley Hearse. Within 48 hours notice, we arrive at your service dressed in traditional motorcycle gear that exudes a nostalgic style and class. With all of the dignity and professionalism, we provide for every service, we take the departed on their final journey. We commemorate the spirit of the open road by creating timeless and lasting memories for family and friends to cherish long after their loved one has passed.

How a Harley Hearse is Unique

We are different from the typical trip straight to the final resting place. Instead, we take the time to go on a favorite road or pass a sentimental place in order to make our service more personal and different from the rest. This unique option is an incredible sight to see and is always heartwarming for friends and family of the deceased to get to witness. A Harley Hearse adds that extra touch of personalization and closeness during this time, surely to make everyone in attendance feel closer to the deceased. 

Another Reason to Pre-Plan Funeral Arrangements

If you are still living and think a Harley Hearse sounds exactly like the “last ride” you’d like to have, this is just one more reason why you shouldpre-plan funeral arrangements. Death is one of the few things guaranteed to all of us, yet so many people fail to plan for the inevitable. While it is difficult to think about leaving your loved ones, pre-planning funeral arrangements are the only way to ensure your exact wishes are met. 

Additionally, pre-planning takes out a lot of guesswork for loved ones who are often stuck planning for a funeral. By making arrangements ahead of time — even for a Harley Hearse — individuals can take a lot of stress of their loved ones during what will already be a stressful time. 

Learn more about unique New Jersey Burial options at Memorial Properties

If you are looking for a unique way to be sent off on your final journey, call Memorial Properties at 732-820-0211 to learn more about this unique option. We have several unique options to meet you or your loved one’s final wishes. Withlocationsthroughout the state of New Jersey, Memorial Properties is here to help you with every step of the funeral planning and arrangements process

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