Tri-State Area Funerals Programs for First Responders

First Responders are the first to any emergency scene. They don’t care about the danger or risk; instead, they run towards the emergency to help. They selflessly dedicate their lives to saving the lives of others, taking whatever means necessary to deal with emergency situations. All too often, first responders fall as victims themselves- making the ultimate sacrifice of their life to help others.

Paying Tribute to First Responders

In these sad occasions, Memorial Properties is prepared to give first responders the dignified and honorable funeral service they deserve. We have accommodated the many requests of EMTs, Veterans, Firefighters, and Police Officers. We work with these departments, families, and other loved ones to create a service that honors the deceased first responder.

For more information on funeral services for first responders, contact Memorial Properties today.

Call us at 1-888-662-9600 for more information on services, pre-planning, and available arrangements for first responders.