First Responders Burials

Paying Tribute to First Responders

First Responders are the first to any emergency scene. They ignore the danger or risk to their own life in order to serve the needs of others. First responders save the lives of countless people in our communities each and every day, selflessly dedicating their lives to others and taking whatever means necessary to deal with emergency situations.

All too often, first responders fall as victims themselves — making the ultimate sacrifice of their life to help others. When this happens, it is vital that we pay tribute to these heroes with a funeral service to honor their life. At Memorial Properties, we take great honor in helping the families of first responders to develop arrangements that properly pay tribute to these staples of our community.

Traditions and Rituals for First Responder Burials

There are many different traditions and rituals for first responder burials, all of which will vary depending on the specific division of the first responder. Before traditions and rituals are followed for any given first responder, it is important to honor any unique wishes of the deceased and their family. If the first responder pre-planned their funeral, their exact wishes will be followed. If not, the families wishes will be honored.

Many families choose to work with an appointed representative from the first responder’s division to decide which traditions and rituals they would like to incorporate. This may include an honor guard or similar ritual. Because Memorial Properties has experience with first responder funerals, we can also provide insight into the options available to families to properly honor their loved one.

Pre-Planning and Funeral Planning for First Responders

First responders who are still living often know the risks that come with their job. Pre-planning a funeral service for the event that something were to happen to them ensures their wishes are carried out. Some divisions for first responders may require some sort of pre-planning to ensure they are properly honored. Memorial Properties has worked with several first responders in the tri-state area to pre-plan arrangements and provide this peace of mind.

Honoring a First Responder in the Tri-State Area

The passing of a first responder is always a sad occasion, but Memorial Properties is prepared to give first responders the dignified and honorable funeral service they deserve. We have accommodated the many requests of EMTs, Veterans, Firefighters, and Police Officers. We work with these departments, families, and other loved ones to create a service that honors the deceased first responder. For more information on funeral services for first responders, contact Memorial Properties today by calling 732-820-0211.

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