Tri-State Area Police Burial Services

Final Tribute for Police Officers

Police men and women choose to put their own lives at risk every day to protect and keep our communities safe.  All police officers who have passed, whether while in the line of duty or from natural causes, deserve a respectful and honorable service for their commitment and allegiance to keeping our communities secure. Memorial Properties offers a Police Program as a final tribute for officers who have passed away. The program aims to provide a final resting place of pride and prestige for those who dedicated their lives to serve for the benefit of the people around them.

Honoring Police Officers

A two-year, interest-free payment schedule is offered to all law enforcement families taking advantage of the Police Program offered by Memorial Properties. In addition, every law enforcement family will be entitled to the following Charter Member Benefits at no additional charge to the family:


  1. Any law enforcement officer who is killed in the line of duty will be given a crypt within a fourteen-acre mausoleum setting at no charge to the family. If the officer was a charter member, all money paid into the program on behalf of the officer will be returned to the family during their time of need.
  2. In the event of a job related accidental death of an officer who is a charter member in this program, all the money that was paid into this program on behalf of the officer will be returned to the family during their time of need – this being a lifetime clause.
  3. Upon the death of a charter member officer by any other cause, any money due on the officer’s behalf will be canceled – provided the officer had not reached their 65th birthday and was in good health at the time of purchase.

Child Death Protection of Police Charter Members

In the event of a death of a charter member’s child, between the ages of 1 to 18 years old, this child will be provided a space in the mausoleum as close as possible to the officer’s selected location at absolutely no cost to the family.

NJ Police Disability Clause

If a job-related disability occurs during the period of the payment schedule, all further payments will be divided during the period of disability or when the final payment is made – whichever comes first.

Use of Chapel for Law Enforcement Burial Services

Family, friends, and relatives who visit the mausoleum are welcomed to use our chapel for the purpose of private meditation or prayer. We aim to provide a comfortable and peaceful environment for police families to honor and remember their loved one.

Police Funeral Planning with Memorial Properties

Unfortunately, death is a part of the circle of life. Police officers recognize the daily risks of their job, and they put everything on the line to selflessly protect their communities. The men and women who put their lives at risk every day deserve the utmost funeral and burial services to commemorate them. Whether your police officer had pre-planned their funeral arrangements or you need help planning the details of the service — we are here to help and support you and your family during this difficult time. Contact Memorial Properties today to learn more about pre-planning, our Police Program, or additional memorial services we offer in New Jersey.

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