Above Ground Burial

The above ground burial is a space designed specifically for either cremated or intact remains – above ground. An above ground burial can be a more cost effective option than an in ground burial. It is also a beautiful and peaceful way to be remembered.

Above Ground in Community Mausoleum

An above ground community mausoleum allows for the remains to be stored in a dry place. This climate-controlled environment allows family members and visitors a quiet place to reflect on their loved ones. Individuals can choose if they wish to be placed in the mausoleum by themselves or as a pair.

Above Ground in Private Mausoleum

A private mausoleum is a beautiful above ground option for individuals and families alike. In a private above ground mausoleum, the only remains in the mausoleum will be those that you choose. This may be created for an individual or for an entire family or specified group.

Above Ground in Lawn Crypt

An above ground lawn crypt is similar to a traditional burial, except it promises the proper drainage and dryness associated with above ground burial. In a lawn crypt, the remains may be cremated or intact within a casket. There is still a gravesite, and individuals can choose to be buried next to a deceased loved one.

For all of your above ground burial needs, Memorial Properties has the solution. It is unfortunate that death is unavoidable, however you can avoid putting a burden on your loved ones by pre-planning your memorial. This ensures that all of your final wishes are honored, and your loved ones are not put in more distress. With Memorial Properties, every last detail of your above ground burial will be tended to.

It sounds expensive: Why Isn’t it?

Above ground burial saves all of these costs:

  • Cost of cemetery graves
  • Cost of digging graves
  • Extra cost of vaults
  • Extra cost of Markers
  • Extra cost of Family Monument
  • Extra cost of Lot Maintenance

Many Families have already reserved their crypts. Act NOW so that you do not miss out on tremendous savings!

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