Elaborate Family Estates

What is a Family Estate?
Elaborate Family Estates at Memorial Properties are unique options for families that wish to remain together, even after death. Estates are built to the family’s specifications and can be customized with an infinite array of options. A family Estate may be selected in a mausoleum or on cemetery grounds, depending on a family’s preferences. A family Estate is a beautiful way to memorialize an entire family as loved ones pass away, offering comfort to those who remain on earth as they have a central location to reflect.

Family Estates at Memorial Properties
At Memorial Properties, our cemetery grounds in New Jersey offer several options for family members interested in being housed together within this beautiful state. Some families want something simple, such as a burial site for two partners. Other families can be accommodated to something much larger, such as crypts in a mausoleum for over 20 people.

A location should be selected on the Memorial Properties’ cemetery grounds or mausoleum before the design of your families Estate begins. Elaborate Family Estates are a beautiful option for families, providing a sense of comfort as loved ones move into the afterlife.

Pre-planning Family Estates in New Jersey
Elaborate Family Estates also allow seamless pre-planning, so that your entire family is prepared for the inevitable. Pre-planning arrangements for one’s death is an often neglected but highly recommended activity. Pre-planning ensures your family will have space reserved for when they pass, taking the burden off family members as they are mourning a loss.

Pre-planning is the only way to ensure your wishes upon your death are truly honored, which is why we so often recommend this. You and your family will be able to make specific, strategic decisions for where you will all be laid to rest, allowing for peace of mind when that day comes. Especially, since the family will eventually lie together.

Learn more about Family Estates at Memorial Properties
Memorial Properties has grounds throughout the state of New Jersey, providing our communities with endless unique options for their final resting place. We understand the stress that comes along with thinking about and planning for death and are here to guide you and ease your mind as you take important steps in planning for the inevitable. For more information on our Elaborate Family Estates, contact Memorial Properties by calling 732-820-0211. Our professionals are here to help you make arrangements that will ensure your family stays together, even after death. We look forward to helping you.

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