Firefighter Funeral Options in NJ

Firefighter Burials

Firefighters risk their lives for us every single day as they put themselves in extreme danger to ensure the safety of our communities. When a firefighter passes on, they deserve to be treated with dignity, honor, and a service that is respectful of the ultimate sacrifice the firefighter made in their life. At Memorial Properties, we take our duties very seriously in organizing a funeral service for fallen firefighters. Learn more below about firefighter burials and the ways in which we can honor the firefighter in your life.

Firefighter Funeral Traditions

First and foremost, it is important to ensure that the wishes of the deceased and their family are met. In any funeral or remembrance, this must be the priority before anything else. Next, we cater to any and all traditions of a specific fire department or rituals that honor a firefighter. Many families choose to combine their own rituals and wishes with those of the fallen’s fire department to develop a ceremony that perfectly honors the deceased.

Traditions and rituals of a firefighter’s funeral are designed to honor a firefighter for the ultimate sacrifice they made while serving their community. Arrangements may include full military-style honors for those who died in the line of duty, including an honor guard. An honor guard may be assigned by the fallen’s fire department, which will involve them standing guard at the casket during the wake or viewing. The fire department may also have their own traditions, such as assigning pallbearers or ushers or doing a last alarm service at the fire department.

Honoring Firefighters in New Jersey

Ultimately, each fire department will have unique rituals for the service, all of which Memorial Properties will graciously accommodate. Families of firefighters will typically work with a representative of the fire department to determine which traditions and rituals, if any, they would like incorporated into the service. Memorial Properties has extensive experience honoring fallen firefighters in New Jersey and will gladly consult families on the options available to them.

We understand the massive responsibility of honoring firefighters and work relentlessly to ensure an honorable service is conducted from start to finish.

Firefighter Funeral Planning

Death is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, it comes all too soon for many firefighters who risk their lives to protect our own. Whether your firefighter has pre-planned their funeral arrangements, or you need help planning every last detail of the service — we are here to help.

Contact Memorial Properties to learn more about pre-planning a firefighter funeral in NJ or to begin making arrangements for a firefighter that has passed.

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