NJ Horse Drawn Carriage Funeral Options

A Unique Burial Option In New Jersey

Are you looking for a unique and beautiful way to have a final send-off for your loved one? At Memorial Properties, we care deeply about ensuring every funeral is a perfect reflection of celebrating the life the deceased lived. One of ourunique optionsis a Horse Drawn Carriage funeral. Below, we will go through how this funeral option works and if it might be the right fit for you or your loved one.

What is a Horse Drawn Carriage Funeral? 

Memorial Properties offers Horse Drawn Carriages to make your loved one’s final journey one that will be remembered. Our authentic Horse Drawn Hearse is perfect for families looking for a unique option to give their loved one a proper send-off. The casket will be carefully placed within the classic looking carriage, acting as a hearse. This hearse can be transported according to the family’s wishes, taking the deceased on one last ride. Our well-trained and calm horse will provide comfort and a beautiful final picture for loved ones to remember. 

Go back to quieter times and truly celebrate the life of your loved one with more than just an ordinary service. The Horse Drawn Carriage hearse is a beautiful sentiment, putting loved ones in mourning, at ease.

Pre-Planning a Horse Drawn Hearse

Sure, it is uncomfortable for most people to talk about death, let alone plan for their death. However,pre-planningone’s funeral arrangements is the only way to ensure your exact wishes upon death will be met. If a Horse Drawn Carriage is exactly how you would like to be brought to your final resting place in New Jersey, then it is important to make arrangements with Memorial Properties. Pre-planning takes away some of the stress and high emotions that will already be present among your loved ones, allowing them to simply focus on the life of the person that has passed.

Learn More About Funeral Arrangements in New Jersey

If you would like to pre-plan for your own funeral or need to make arrangements for a loved one that has passed, Memorial Properties is here to help. We offer a variety of unique options, including a Horse Drawn Carriage Hearse, that will make the funeral feel authentic and unique to the person being honored. Contact us today by calling 732-820-0211 today to make unforgettable arrangements for a loved one inNew Jersey

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