Pre Planning in NJ

Not many people like to think about death. But just because it may make you feel uncomfortable, doesn’t mean that you can avoid it. Death, and choosing a burial place, has to be done at sometime. Instead of forcing both the decision and the financial burden on your family members, pre-planning can make a sad and stressful time a bit easier on your loved ones.

How to Choose a Cemetery in NJ

The most important choice you will make when pre-planning your funeral is where your final resting place will be. You will want to choose a cemetery location that is convenient for your loved ones to visit, while also working with a company that will adapt to your wishes and needs.


Here at Memorial Properties, we are proud to be the cemetery, mausoleum and cremation leader in the New Jersey/New York Metropolitan area. When you pre-plan your funeral with us, you will learn about our unique memorial options to ensure that you are remembered exactly the way you would like to be. We offer options varying from private estates and religious funeral programs to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your arrangements.


Benefits of Pre-Planning

Not only will you be making this difficult time easier on your loved ones, but pre-planning your funeral will also leave your family at peace, knowing that they put you to rest the way that you wanted to be remembered. While you may wish to be remembered with Above Ground Burial, pre-planning your funeral will make sure every last detail has your stamp of approval on it. In addition, funeral costs rise every year. By planning your funeral now, you can save your loved ones a great deal of money. You don’t want your survivors asking themselves… Did I do what they wanted?


Family Records Portfolio

As part of our service, we will provide interested persons with an invaluable Family Records Portfolio, where one can record all the facts the family needs to know at a time of death. This is both considerate and typical of the new approach to solving the memorialization problem.


The Family Records Portfolio is not sold in stores at any price. It is invaluable because in one compact folder, you can record all the facts your family needs to know. This portfolio was prepared with the expert advice of lawyers, bankers, accountants, clergymen and government officials. In it, you will find vital checklists; for instance, information regarding your will, safe deposit boxes, the resources available through Veteran’s benefits and Social Security. After a death, the family must have immediate access to important records. The Family Records Portfolio, when complete, will contain the data needed to see that your loved ones receive everything that is rightfully theirs.


Pre-Plan in NJ with Memorial Properties Today

No matter if you’re interested in an in-ground burial, above ground burial, or cremation, our staff at Memorial Properties can help you plan exactly the way you would like to be remembered. For more information about our family records portfolio and pre-planning your funeral, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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