Personalized Burial Programs in New Jersey

Memorial Properties is proud to offer a wide array of programs to accommodate the needs of all our customers. We understand the deep importance of tradition, rituals, and family during burial planning, which is why we respect the differences of each culture and group to make a conscious effort to build a beautiful memorial or burial service.

We are a family-owned and operated company, which allows us to truly understand what it takes to honor and respect a loved one. We work with families of all religious and cultural backgrounds in NJ, along with those who wish to honor a family member who made immeasurable sacrifices for our country and communities. Although this is a difficult time, we want to make it easier for you, so you can focus on the life that your loved one lived. Learn more about our various burial programs in NJ, and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Customizable Burial Programs at Memorial Properties

Our experience in planning unique burial services allows us to offer special programs at all of our locations throughout New Jersey. Each of the following programs can be completely customized to meet your specific needs.

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Asian Burial Programs

We recognize the importance that Asian cultures place on the burial of a loved one. We are proud to provide Asian burial services at all of our New Jersey locations to meet each family’s cultural needs, wishes, and obligations.

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Catholic Burials

Deeply rooted in tradition, the Catholic faith celebrates a loved one’s admittance into Heaven after death. Memorial Properties provides Catholic burial services for those in need, along with ensuring that the entire family can be present to pay their respects.

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Christian Burial Options

Memorial Properties understands the tradition and dignity of a Christian burial service. We can assist you throughout your grievance and guide you towards the perfect choice for a beautiful ceremony, helping you celebrate the life of your loved one.

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Coptic/Egyptian Burials

We are well prepared to customize burial packages for Coptic Christians, who often pride themselves in deeply-rooted tradition. Our Coptic/Egyptian burial service meticulously incorporates all the specific distinctions that make this ceremony special.

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Hispanic Burials

Memorial Properties can schedule Hispanic burial services both pre and post-death. We’ll make sure everything is set in place, from a priest giving Last Rites to meeting burial requirements. After 3-4 days of vigils, the burial service will celebrate the life of your loved one.

Headstone with Star of David

Jewish Burial Options

We ensure that each family of the Jewish faith who works with us has access to burial services that reflect the proper customs. We follow all traditions so that each person who has passed away can be remembered and respected properly throughout the burial process.

Russian orthodox crucifix

Russian Orthodox Burials

Memorial Properties offers Russian Orthodox burial services to provide opportunities for all beliefs and to accommodate New Jersey’s large Slavic population. Our expertise and acceptance allow us to graciously craft personalized burial services for all families.

fire fighter helmets and jackets hung up

Firefighter Burials

Burial services for a firefighter are designed to honor your loved one’s bravery and sacrifice. Memorial Properties can accommodate any requirements you may have for this burial service, including unique fire department rituals and traditions.

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First Responders

First responders deserve the utmost respect for serving our communities and saving lives daily. Memorial Properties ensures that first responder burials are highly customizable and designed to honor their selfless sacrifice, including any special traditions and rituals.

american flag with a police officer cap and hand cuffs

Police Burials

Police officers risk their lives every day to fight for the protection and betterment of society. Police burial services at Memorial Properties are accompanied by a variety of financial benefits and opportunities to rightfully honor a fallen officer.

army boots army uniform and american flag in the background

Veteran Burials

Veterans who have served in the line of duty deserve respect and honorable recognition of their services. Memorial Properties is proud to be part of the Veterans & Family Memorial Care funeral home network. Veterans and their families will receive specified care through our comprehensive veteran service.

blue collar worker holding orange helmet and work gloves

Union Burials

Memorial Properties pays close attention to detail for all families when crafting the perfect service, including those affiliated with unions. Our union member services accept funeral and burial credits for the burial arrangement everyone deserves.

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Non-Religious Burials

Memorial Properties also provides non-religious burial services for those with no church or faith affiliation. These personalized burials focus solely on the individual in passing to celebrate the connections and memorable events throughout their life.

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Permanent Residency Program

Qualified residents can take part in our permanent residency program. You’ll receive a certificate valued at $1,495 to be used towards a mausoleum, cremation space, or ground space at Memorial Properties when you make your arrangements before death.

Personalized Burial Services in New Jersey

Those who choose a special burial program at Memorial Properties can pair it with their preferred burial option.  We respect the fact that different cultures, individuals, and families have different preferences when it comes to burial, and we work to ensure that all needs and wishes for burial can be met.

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In-Ground Burial

The most traditional choice for burial after death, in-ground burial is when intact remains are preserved, placed in a casket, and put to rest in a cemetery. Families can choose a personalized memorial to mark the final resting place.

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Above-Ground Burial

This burial option allows for the entombment of both cremated and intact remains above-ground in one of our elegant mausoleums. Memorial Properties has spaces available for both individual and side-by-side burials.

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During the cremation process, the body is reduced to its most basic elements and is then interred either above or below-ground at a Memorial Properties cemetery or mausoleum. Cremation is considered a part of the memorialization process.

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Pristine Cemeteries and Mausoleums in NJ

We are proud to offer our compassionate burial services and programs at our ten peaceful and serene locations, spread across five NJ counties. Our cemeteries and mausoleums are kept in pristine condition 365 days a year, so each person who chooses Memorial Properties for in or above-ground burial can be put to rest in the best possible environment. Our locations are staples in their communities, and we are proud to provide NJ families with a beautiful place to reflect on the lives of those they have lost.

Customizable Burial Programs in New Jersey

At Memorial Properties, we understand that planning a burial service is a difficult time, especially when there are religious, cultural, or personal traditions that you want to ensure are respected. We are proud to work closely with all families to make sure that every detail is cared for. We want to help you honor those you have lost and craft burial services that truly reflect your family and your values.

We also recommend that families of all backgrounds pre-plan their burial arrangements in NJ, which helps further ensure that all final wishes can be met and that when the time comes, the burden on your loved ones of planning a burial service is eased. This simple process saves families both costs and stress in the long run. To learn more about how we can help you at Memorial Properties or to begin making arrangements, please contact us today by calling (732) 820-0211. We will be here for you every step of the way.

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