Group Sales: Graves and Mausoleums in NJ

Memorial Properties is proud to offer a wide array of programs to accommodate the needs of all of our groups and organizations.  We understand the importance of tradition and family during a memorial service, and respect the differences of each organization and group.  Our experience in memorial services allows us to offer these programs

throughout the Metropolitan New Jersey / New York area.  Each program can be completely customized to meet your specific needs.

Large Group Sales of Graves, Niches and Mausoleums to Companies, Unions, Organizations, and Churches in the Metropolitan New Jersey / New York area

In addition to working with families, we here at Memorial Properties work with companies, unions, organizations and churches of all faiths to offer large group programs of graves, niches or mausoleums.  From Asian interments, to Coptic Christian entombments, and Police burial programs, we have years of experience working with a wide variety of Churches, Groups and Organizations.  Is your organization non-religious?  We can accommodate any need for your non-religious service. With our unique memorial options, we welcome any request to ensure our families are remembered the way they want.

Church Group Program Benefits

Group sales of graves, niches and mausoleums substantially lowers the cost for your membership. They also bring peace of mind by avoiding difficult decisions being influenced by emotion and grief.  Clergy can focus on helping their members with the grieving process while we take care of all cemetery preparations.  In addition, with our years of experience working with a wide variety of different religions, members of your organization have peace of mind knowing that our cemeteries meet all of the requirements of your religious belief.

Our Cemeteries

Here at Memorial Properties, we welcome individuals of all beliefs, cultures and traditions.  We understand the importance that religion has on burial customs and we will welcome accordingly no matter what your request may be.  A death is never easy for family members and friends, but at Memorial Properties, we do whatever it takes to protect your memories.

For more information about our group program options at any of our locations, please do not hesitate to contact us today at 732-820-0211. We can promise that when you work with us, your religious beliefs will be our top priority and every detail will be perfectly cared for.

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