Group Sales: Graves and Mausoleums in New Jersey

Group Sales – Graves, Niches, and Mausoleums for Companies, Unions, Organizations, and Churches in NY and NJ

In addition to working with families, we at Memorial Properties work with companies, unions, organizations, and churches of all faiths to offer large group programs for graves, niches, or mausoleums.  FromAsian intermentstoCoptic Christian entombmentsand Police burial programs, we have years of experience providing a wide variety of churches, groups, and organizations with compassionate burial services in New Jersey. Is your organization non-religious? We can also accommodate any need for yournon-religious service. With our unique memorial options, we welcome any request to ensure that our families are remembered the way they want.

Memorial Properties is proud to offer a wide array of programs to accommodate the needs of all groups and organizations. We understand the importance of tradition and family during a memorial service, and respect the differences of each organization and group. Our experience in memorial services allows us to offer theseprogramsthroughout the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area. Each program can be completely customized to meet your specific needs – our many burial programs are tailored to all manner of religious and cultural backgrounds, and also honor those who have served our country and communities.

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Above-ground burial options
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Burial Options in NJ

Our group programs are available for graves, niches, and mausoleum spaces, so those within your group or organization will have all of our burial options available to them. At Memorial Properties, our cemeteries and mausoleums serve as peaceful and pristine final resting places for both cremated and intact remains. Our burial services in NJ include:

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In-Ground Burial

Intact remains are placed in a casket and lowered into a burial plot at one of our cemeteries. A headstone, monument, statue, or memorial bench marks where the person is buried.

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Above-Ground Burial

Cremated or intact remains are entombed in one of our mausoleums in NJ, where individuals can choose to be put to rest beside one another.

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Cremated remains are placed in a personalized urn, which is then interred either above or below-ground and permanently memorialized.

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Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Arrangements in New Jersey

Whether you are seeking burial accommodations for a group or are planning for yourself or a loved one, pre-planning your arrangements is your best option. This service allows you to make your own decisions about how you would like to be put to rest and remembered, and takes the burden off of your loved ones when the time comes. Pre-planning saves costs for your and your group and ensures that every person involved will be remembered exactly how they wish to be. Our family at Memorial Properties will work with your group to ensure that each person’s wishes are taken into consideration and that everyone is aware of all the burial options we offer in New Jersey.

Church Group Program Benefits

Group sales of graves, niches, and mausoleums substantially lower the cost for your membership. They also bring peace of mind by avoiding the influence of emotion and grief on difficult decisions. Clergy can focus on helping their members through the grieving process while we take care of all cemetery preparations. In addition, with our years of experience working with a wide variety of religions, members of your organization have peace of mind knowing that our cemeteries meet all religious requirements.

We want all of those who choose Memorial Properties to have access to compassionate and affordable burial services, which is why we offer unique benefits. Once you set up an appointment to meet with a counselor at Memorial Properties to discuss your arrangements, you will receive a certificate of credit up to $1495 to put towards an above-ground space, in-ground interment space, or community bible niche at one of our locations in New Jersey. To learn more about the counseling process and this offer, please call 732-820-0211.

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Cemeteries and Mausoleums in New Jersey

No matter what type of burial the members of your group are interested in, Memorial Properties can accommodate their wishes at our cemeteries and mausoleums in New Jersey. We have spaces for intact and cremated remains, both above and below-ground. Our properties are kept in pristine condition 365 days a year, and serve as elegant and peaceful places for those in NJ to remember the loved ones they have lost.

Group Sales for Burial Services in New Jersey

Here at Memorial Properties, we welcome individuals of all beliefs, cultures, and traditions. We understand the vital role that religion plays in burial customs and we will welcome you and your group accordingly, no matter what your request may be.Deathis never easy for family members and friends to deal with, but at Memorial Properties, we do whatever it takes to protect your memories and ensure that each person receives a respectful burial. For more information about our group program options at any of our locations, please do not hesitate tocontact ustoday at 732-820-0211. We can promise that when you work with us, yourreligious beliefsand personal wishes will be our top priority and every detail will be perfectly cared for.

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