Asian Burial Services In NJ

In Asian cultures, the burial of a loved one is taken very seriously. While elements of the rituals and services involved in an Asian burial will depend on the individual and/or family’s desires, it is important to work with a funeral planner with experience in this type of burial. The funeral planner will help to present ideas and options that most people forget to think about, ensuring the burial and service is exactly as you want it to be.

At Memorial Properties, our team prides itself on our ability to cater to the needs and wishes of Asian cultures. We are proud to serve the Asian community in carrying out last rituals for their loved ones.

Pre-planning an Asian Burial at Memorial Properties

Pre-planning a funeralis something most people do not want to think about, even though it is something each person should take care of before they pass. When pre-planning an Asian burial, you will meet with a death care professional to discuss your exact wishes. This helps your family understand which Asian rituals you want incorporated into your funeral and which you would prefer to skip.

It’s important to remember that anything that is not covered in pre-planning will be left up to the discretion of family to decide on what is best. Pre-planning ensures the desires and wishes you have are honored first and foremost after you pass.

Asian Burial Options

When planning the burial of your loved one, there are several options available. There are many different traditions within Asian cultures, which is why Memorial Properties is proud to offer so many options for the community. This ensures everyone’s death care wishes are carried out successfully.

  • Below-ground burialson hillsides
  • Marble and glass frontcremationniches
  • Above-groundmausoleumentombment
  • Celebrate all the major holidays including the Qingming Festival
  • Construction of feng shui amenities on cemetery grounds

Have another request that you don’t see here? The team at Memorial Properties will do everything in our power to make your request a reality.

Learn More About Asian Burials at Memorial Properties

If you would like Asian culture and rituals to be incorporated into your funeral or the funeral of a loved one, then please fill out the registration form below or call 732-820-0211 for more pricing information. You will be directed to speak with a professional from Memorial Properties who can walk you through our process and answer any questions you might have about Asian burials and funeral services. Large groups and organizations are also encouraged to reach out. Please Call Larry Lee at 732-820-0211. Mandarin speaking and Cantonese speaking available.

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