Russian Orthodox Funeral Services in NJ

 Russian Orthodox Cemetery Services

Over 70% of Russians identify as Russian Orthodox. The Russian church is seen as a symbol of Russian tradition and heritage, which is why many Russians living in the United States choose to partake in traditional Russian Orthodox funerals. Russians view the afterlife as a journey to another world. They aim to make the casket as comfortable as possible, often placing blankets and other comforting items in the casket for the deceased. It is also tradition for mourners to throw coins into the grave to “pay for the soul’s passage to the ‘other world’ ” and will also throw the first handfuls of dirt over the casket.

Memorial Properties welcomes individuals of all beliefs, cultures, and traditions to our grounds. We have extensive experience in providing Russian Orthodox funerals, with the ability to customize each service to fit the exact needs of the individual or family. If you are interested in planning or pre-planning a Russian Orthodox burial, call us at 1-888-662-9600.