Unique Options

A funeral and memorial service is your final farewell to family, friends, and loved ones. Make your final statement absolutely spectacular with Memorial Properties. We proudly offer unique options for those that would like to celebrate the extraordinary life they’ve lived.


Unique Options at Memorial Properties

We offer one-of-a-kind options ranging from a Horse Drawn Carriage Hearse to Elaborate Family Estates. Memorial Properties will faithfully work to accommodate any of your unique requests. Below you’ll find some of the pre-set options available for those seeking funeral planning assistance.


Harley Hearse

Memorial Properties offers a special opportunity for all motorcycle enthusiasts. Our Tombstone Hearse Co. will replace the normal hearse with a Harley motorcycle outfitted as a hearse. This unique option commemorates your loved one’s joy of the open road. A ride through their favorite local areas can be arranged as the procession makes its way to the burial site.


Horse Drawn Carriage

Similar to the Harley hearse, a horse drawn carriage can be commissioned as your funeral transport of choice. This carriage is outfitted as a hearse and is a unique way to send off your loved one into their next life. The elegance of a horse drawn carriage hearse is available to remind friends and family that this mournful event is a beautiful celebration of life.


Elaborate Family Estates in New Jersey

Memorial Properties offers the unique option of providing families a chance to stay together after death. Elaborate Family Estates can be built on location and allow a family to remain close to one another as they’re laid to eternal rest. The structures are highly customizable and can provide families with any specifications they find fit including up to 20 crypts.


Luxurious Rolls Royce Hearse

This is no ordinary hearse. Memorial Properties provides a luxurious ride in a Rolls Royce hearse for the ultimate feeling of sophistication. This grand statement is perfect for those who’ve lived an extraordinary life. Send off your loved one in a high-class vehicle as the finishing touch to their final goodbye.


Unique Funeral Options in New Jersey

Explore the unique funeral options available at Memorial Properties. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry. Contact us or call at 1-732-820-0211 to discuss what you have in mind. Please look at our locations, programs and pricing options for more information. We look forward to reviewing the options for making your final goodbye one that will be fondly remembered.

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