Whiting Memorial Park & Mausoleum

Whiting Memorial Park & Mausoleum in NJ

Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum in NJ is a family owned, full-service memorial park that offers individual services to fit any families’ needs and wishes at any price point. Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum is dedicated to serving you in your time of need while giving you the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of for your loved one.

Unique Services with Whiting Memorial Park & Mausoleum

        Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum is committed to meet any request that assures your burial and memorial services will be executed without any problems. When working with the professionals at Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum, you can expect service that will go above and beyond to suit the wishes of your family – no matter how unique. Since you only get to honor your loved ones once, do so in a way that would bring them joy. Some of the exclusive services offered include the Harley Hearse, which can be driven by your loved one’s favorite places so they can enjoy a final ride, or the Rolls Royce Hearse, which offers luxury and comfort for your loved one. Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum can help you host a service that commemorates your loved one in an honorable way.


Beautiful Location in Whiting, NJ

        The charming township of Whiting is located in Ocean County, New Jersey, near the shore which provides calmness and serenity during any burial service. Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum is also equipped with a non-denominational mausoleum that offers a number of programs to help you remember your family or friend in the most special way. The mausoleum in Whiting also overlooks the vista where your loved ones can peacefully rest. In addition to the mausoleum services, there are also cremations with below-ground burials. Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum is not only a beautiful place where you can lay your loved ones to rest but also a place that will bring you tranquility when visiting your loved ones. You can depart with your loved ones knowing they were buried and memorialized in a way they would have enjoyed and are in a beautiful and well-maintained place.


Memorial Properties in Whiting, NJ 

If you’re looking to make pre-arranged burial plans or if your looking to honor a loved one, Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleumcan can help you in every step of the planning process. At Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum, we have served the families of Whiting and surrounding communities for more than thirty years. Our facility includes a modern office, administration building, and our most prominent feature – the modern, non-denominational Chapel Mausoleum. It is nestled in the main body of the park well removed from the highway and overlooks the entire vista. Contact or visit Whiting Memorial Park and Mausoleum today to pre-plan or arrange a burial of a loved one with ease.

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