Non-Religious Funeral Services

Just because you aren’t a member of a church or religious group does not mean you can’t have a funeral service. There are several options available to the non-religious when it comes to planning a funeral service.  At Memorial Properties, we offernon-religiousservice programs for those who consider themselves spiritual, but not religious. We even provide services to those who are non-spiritual but would like a “closing ceremony” upon death for friends and family to join together.

Planning a Non-Religious Funeral Service

Non-religious services focus affectionately on the person who has passed away, paying tribute to the connections they made and the way they lived their lives. A non-religious ceremony is much more focused on the life that was lived as opposed to what will happen next. A non-religious funeral service helps loved ones mourn the deceased while also celebrating the life that they lived. AtMemorial Properties, we respect the wishes of all individuals and are proud to offer funeral services for the non-religious.

Respecting Families Wishes

Planning a non-religious funeral service will begin with respecting the individual’s wishes expressed before their death. This may include a preference for anin-ground burial,cremation, or one of our severalother burial options. Once all of the individual’s requests have been honored, the family’s requests for the service and other wishes will be honored. Memorial Properties will guide loved ones through every step of the non-religious funeral planning process so that no detail is missed.

Personalized Tribute to Their Life

At Memorial Properties, we will provide you with a certified and trained celebrant who understands the grieving process and can meet the needs of your family during your time of loss. Our certified celebrant will create a personalized tribute service to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the deceased while working with you to include favorite music, poetry, readings, or anything you wish or request to appear in the service.

Pre-planning a Non-Religious Funeral

If you are non-religious and have not yet pre-planned your funeral, you are not alone. Many Americans fail to make funeral arrangements, leaving their loved ones scrambling to put the details of a funeral together while also grieving.Pre-planning your funeralrelieves a huge financial burden and also ensures that your exact wishes for a non-religious funeral are carried out upon your death.

Contact Our Non-Religious Funeral Planners in New Jersey

If you or your loved one prefers a non-religious service, please call Memorial Properties at 1-(732) 820-0211 to learn more about our non-religious funeral arrangements inNew Jersey. We look forward to guiding you through the process with ease and comfort.

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