Life and Legacy Planning with Memorial Properties and Everplans

For most people, it doesn’t matter how organized we are – planning for an unforeseen circumstance is an afterthought. Only when we start to feel our mortality does planning for life after crisis become relevant. But waiting too long to organize your affairs can leave your family, friends, and legacy at risk.


At Memorial Properties, we are fully aware of the value being prepared. That’s why we have teamed up with Everplans to make the pre-planning process easier, more thorough, and more secure than ever before.


A Secure, Digital Archive of Important Records

Everplans is designed to organize your desired burial arrangements, funeral preferences, business dealings and estate. In addition, Everplans can store important documents that your loved ones may need. Some of these documents include insurance information, bank accounts, loans, credit cards, investments, deeds, and pensions. It can even be used to store and organize electronic security information, such as your mobile phone’s password or your email passwords.


With expert recommendations, resources and checklists, your Everplan will be custom fit to fulfill all of your wants and needs. With Everplans, all of your information is stored in one clear, concise file to help keep things organized for your loved ones.


If something ends up happening to you, your Everplan will help take the burden off of your family’s shoulders. By accessing your account, your family will have full access to everything they need to put you properly to rest.

Rest Easy with Everplans’ Security

Keeping your information secure has continued to grow in importance, especially when it involves the most sensitive information about your life. That’s why Everplans encrypts all its users’ files to keep information safe from prying eyes. Within your Everplans account, you’ll be able to identify each individual you wish to have access to your files. They will be the only people who can access the information.


Within Everplans’ secure systems, all data is stored using the highest level of Advanced Encryption Standard, 256 bits. A unique passkey is made for each user, making it possible to identify each time a person accesses your file. When data is communicated to you, it is still encrypted, so any eavesdroppers will still be unable to access the information.

Begin Pre-Planning Your Funeral Arrangements

What’s great about Everplans is that it’s a tool that can be used as much or as little as you wish in regards to your preparations. Are you looking for a safe, secure location for your will and other sensitive information? Everplans will suit you perfectly.

But what if you have old family recipes that need to be passed down, or any letters to family and friends you would like to leave behind? Those can be included in your Everplan as well! Everplans makes it easy to create an encyclopedia of everything that was important to you, no matter how detailed you wish to get.


Whether planning for yourself or helping another you love, Memorial Properties is prepared to help every step of the way. For more information on how we can help you make the pre-planning process even easier with a personalized Everplan, be sure to contact us today. Family crises will happen, but with the help of Memorial Properties and Everplans, they’ll never include the same hassle of paperwork again.