Advice to Make Planning a Funeral Easier

If we’re lucky, we will celebrate with our loved ones in life a great deal. Unfortunately, when the time for memorialization comes, people often make various mistakes that they later come to regret. In order to focus on the good times, avoid making the mistakes listed below.

Thinking the Process is Over After Burial

We are often asked if the pain of a loved one dying goes away. From our experience, it doesn’t. Instead, it becomes less sharp and serves as a reminder of just how much we cared for the individual we lost. Consequently, don’t expect any funeral to end after burial. Grief is a process that affects everyone differently, but it’s never easy. We are here for you to help with any questions you may have regarding bereavement counseling and therapy options, along with any other way we might continue to be of service.

Underestimating the Importance of a Reception

As hard as the passing of someone close to you can be, remember that you’re not the only one grieving. You have the difficult task of planning the funeral, but those who are not immediate family are processing as well. Hosting a reception will allow everyone that the deceased has touched to celebrate his or her memory and provide closure.

Not Asking Enough Questions

Grief can be overwhelming. At a time when we need to be able to make smart decisions for our loved one, it’s easy for our minds to become muddled. This is when the experience of a quality director of funeral services can be invaluable. To execute the vision you have for the deceased, you need to be fully informed. There are no foolish questions when it comes to the burial of someone you love. Rest assured that the Memorial Properties staff is fully equipped to answer, guide and support you through this difficult process.


Letting Price Drive the Memorial Process

The stress of burying a loved one can be intensified when considering the costs. A budget is a necessary burden, but keep in mind some degree of flexibility. Don’t sacrifice the vision you have for the deceased. Memorial Properties is sensitive to all aspects of the funerary process, and that’s why we believe in transparency for any costs incurred for a funeral. We want to make sure that there are no regrets when looking back at the funeral itself. Instead, let us help solve any hurdles you might have.


Choosing the First Funeral Home You Find

When purchasing a home, a car or anything else expensive, do you go with the first option every time? For most individuals, there is a process of research and interaction that is necessary before making any decision. Too often this is forgotten at times of burial and it leads to regret. Comparing the costs and services of cemeteries, interment and inurnment is encouraged to minimize any financial loss or added stress.


Not Pre-Planning

Until you must plan a funeral, you may not realize what is involved in the process. By pre-planning any end-of-life details, you can take any guesswork out of the process. Every last detail of the ceremony will have your stamp of approval, whether it’s choosing between burial or cremation, or choosing to place remains aboveground or inground. Furthermore, as costs for funerals continue to rise, pre-planning provides you the opportunity to lock in certain incurred costs and save loved ones money.


Not Pre-Funding

Similar to pre-planning, pre-funding will take the financial pressure off family and friends entirely. It’s understandable that this is not always an option, but starting to set aside funds as early as possible is wise. If you have any questions regarding what to pre-fund for, Memorial Properties is happy to advise and answer any questions.


Forgetting the Details

A funeral is the last chance for remembrance a person has. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple for the ceremony, but consider the details of the deceased’s life and find ways to highlight those within the ceremony itself. Was he or she a musician? What was his or her favorite book or piece of art? Did he or she follow a specific religion? Serve in the military?


These details and more are what made the person you cared for distinct. Incorporate those details into the funeral and there will be no doubt about whose funeral people attended.


Let Memorial Properties Be Your Guide

As a family-run company in the death care industry, we understand how strong the ties between loved ones can be. With decades of experience, we are here for you and will be there as support in any way we can. Call us today at (732) 820-0211 to learn more.