cemeteryPersonalized Burial Options and Programs Near Ocean County

At Memorial Properties, we are proud to offer a wide variety ofpersonalized burial options and programsfor residents near Ocean County, NJ. We want to make it easier for those in the area to craft a burial that truly reflects their loved one who has passed away, while also providing pre-planning services to help you and your family plan for the future. We work with individuals and families of all religious and cultural backgrounds to ensure that you and your loved ones will be celebrated properly following death. We have years of experience planning and providing burial services near Ocean County, NJ – with our two closest locations to the area being Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum in Manasquan and Whiting Memorial Park & Mausoleum in Whiting. 

As a family-owned and operated company, we understand that tradition and rituals play a role in honoring and respecting a loved one’s life. When you choose to work withMemorial Properties, we will make sure each detail of the service is taken care of, crafting a memorial or burial service that accurately reflects your and your family’s values. We also recommend pre-planning your burial arrangements in NJ so that all of your wishes and requests are met and will have your stamp of approval. Learn more below about our customizable burial options in Ocean County, NJ, and contact us by calling (732) 820-0211 to get started.

Burial Options Available at Memorial Properties in NJ

At our serene cemeteries and mausoleums near Ocean County, NJ, there are several options for burial. Whether you would like to be put to rest above or below-ground, we will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your arrangements. Burial options available at Memorial Properties include:

In-Ground Burial in NJ

In-ground burialis the most traditional option for burial after death and is preferred by those who want an outdoor memorial. It is also the ideal choice for individuals and families in NJ who would like to be memorialized side by side. Each of our locations near Ocean County serves as a peaceful final resting place, where loved ones can visit to remember and honor those they have lost. 

Above-Ground Burial Near Ocean County

Above-ground burialis an alternative option to traditional in-ground burial in NJ. Our elegant mausoleums in Manasquan and Whiting are designed specifically for either cremated or intact remains above-ground. We also provide additional spaces for family members to be put to rest together. Along with our cemetery grounds, our mausoleums in NJ are kept in pristine condition 365 days a year.

Cremation Services from Memorial Properties

Cremation is a third option for burial at Memorial Properties, which has gained popularity in recent years. The process ofcremationinvolves reducing the body to its most basic elements and is only the first step toward the memorialization of someone who has passed away. We offer community bible niches, private niches, private family cremation spaces, and urn gardens for those in Ocean County who choose to be cremated.

Comprehensive Burial Programs Near Ocean County

Burial services in NJare unique and specific to each individual depending on cultural and religious backgrounds, along with other preferences. At Memorial Properties, we are able to accommodate the needs of all families in NJ by providing a comprehensive range of burial programs near Ocean County. We are willing to break traditions to better serve you and your family, and we will go above and beyond to ensure that your burial service encompasses all of the significant aspects that make this ceremony special. Learn more about our burial programs in NJ below. 

Religious Burial Programs in NJ

Our religious burial programs in NJ include options for Catholic, Christian, Coptic/Egyptian, Jewish, and Russian Orthodox faiths. Each service is carefully tailored to ensure that it follows the right customs to respect the life and legacy of your loved one. 

Cultural Burial Programs at Memorial Properties

At Memorial Properties, cultural burial programs include options for individuals with Asian and Hispanic backgrounds in NJ. We are able to cater to the needs and wishes of these cultures and carry out the proper last rituals for those who have passed. 

Other Burial Programs – Giving Back to the NJ Community

In addition to religious and cultural burial programs, we also offer services and special benefits for firefighters, police officers, veterans, union members, and more. In an effort to honor your loved one’s bravery and sacrifice, Memorial Properties can fulfill any requirements you may have for the service and make sure your family is aware of any benefits that are applicable to you.

Memorial Properties Cemeteries and Mausoleums Near Ocean County

Choosing where you would like to be laid to rest is an entirely personal decision. Burial plots, spots in mausoleums, and cremation niches in cemeteries can require a significant financial investment, so it’s important to explore your options carefully. Whatever your unique situation may be, there are four things to consider whenchoosing a cemetery or final resting place: where it is located, the prices for each type of burial, the rules and requirements of the cemetery, and the type of cemetery and what options it offers. At Memorial Properties, we have two beautiful cemetery and mausoleum locations near Ocean County, NJ, and we are here to assist you during this difficult time by granting you the peace of mind that the burial of your loved one is being handled with the utmost care and compassion. 

Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleum – Manasquan, NJ

Located in Manasquan, NJ,Atlantic View Cemetery & Mausoleumis a full-service memorial park that provides various custom burial services and programs in Ocean County at an affordable price. Spanning 26 acres, this tranquil property offers in-ground burial, an above-ground mausoleum, and options for cremation. The Trinity Mausoleum is a one-of-a-kind, breathtaking building on the grounds of Atlantic View Cemetery, giving individuals and families a quiet place to reflect on their loved one’s life. 

Whiting Memorial Park & Mausoleum – Whiting, NJ

Whiting Memorial Park & Mausoleum, a full-service memorial park in Whiting, NJ, gives individuals and families in Ocean County convenient access to above-ground burial services for both intact and cremated remains at any price point. Whiting Memorial Park is home to a modern, non-denominational Chapel Mausoleum that overlooks a gorgeous vista, so your loved ones can peacefully rest and you will have a serene place to visit and reflect on fond memories. 

Pre-Plan Your Burial Arrangements with Memorial Properties

Nobody wants to think about death, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid it.Pre-planning your burial arrangements in NJcan help you make informed and thoughtful decisions ahead of time, giving your family less to worry about when the time comes. You will want to choose a cemetery location that is convenient for your loved ones while addressing your specific needs and wishes. Keep in mind that funeral expenses rise each year at a relatively high rate. If you choose to meet with a team member at Memorial Properties about pre-planning your arrangements, you will receive a certificate of credit up to $1495 to put towards an above-ground space, in-ground interment space, or community bible niche at one of our mausoleums or cemeteries near Ocean County. If you’re interested in our pre-planning service and benefits in NJ, please call (732) 820-0211 to learn more.

Crafting the Perfect Burial Service Near Ocean County, NJ

AtMemorial Properties, we are committed to helping individuals and families plan the perfect burial service near Ocean County. As the cemetery, mausoleum, and cremation leader in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality options at the lowest possible cost. Whether you are planning your own arrangements for the future or have recently lost a loved one, we are here to answer any questions you have and to make sure that you are able to choose the burial options best suited to you and your family.Contact usfor more information about burial options and programs in NJ or to schedule a tour of our grounds today.