stone exterior of a mausoleumWhat Do I Need to Consider When Planning a Burial in NJ?

When you are planning a funeral or burial for a loved one or thinking about pre-planning your own arrangements, there are many details to consider. Without proper guidance, the options and information surrounding funerals and interment can quickly become overwhelming. AtMemorial Properties, we proudly offer comprehensive funeral and burial services for individuals and their families near Union County, NJ to help ease the emotional and financial burdens during this difficult time. 

Saint Stephen’s Cemetery & The Chapel at Short Hillsis conveniently located near Union County, providing those in the area with traditional in-ground burial, above-ground burial, and cremation options, so you can choose what works best for you and your family. We will go above and beyond to ensure that all of your wishes and requests are met following death. We also offer a wide array of special programs to accommodate cultural and religious traditions, as well as honor and respect first responders and veterans. Learn more about planning a burial near Union County below.

What Burial Options are Available Near Union County, NJ?

Deciding how you or your loved one will be laid to rest is a key consideration in the funeral and burial planning process. Personal preferences play a key role in this decision, as deciding how you would like to be buried aligns with your family’s method of keeping your memory alive. Memorial Properties offers in-ground burial, above-ground burial, and cremation options at our serene cemetery and mausoleum location near Union County. 

In-Ground Burial in NJ

In-ground burialis the most popular choice for burial following death, and at Saint Stephen’s Cemetery, our grounds are kept in pristine condition all year round. This is the ideal option for those who want an outdoor memorial and would like a natural place for their loved ones to visit. 

Above-Ground Burial Near Union County

Above-ground burialin a mausoleum is a great option for those who do not wish to be buried. The Chapels at Short Hills serves as a peaceful resting place for either cremated or intact remains above the ground. We also provide additional spaces for more than one family member to be put to rest together. 

Cremation Services from Memorial Properties

Cremationis the process by which the body of the deceased is reduced to its most basic elements. Cremated remains are placed in an urn that can be customized to reflect the life of the person who has passed, and either interred below-ground or in our peaceful mausoleum near Union County. 

Burial Costs in NJ

There are various factors that determine thecost of a funeral and burial in NJ, including the type of burial, staff costs for visitations and viewings, the memorial service or funeral, and the graveside service. Above-ground burial is an attractive option for individuals and their families in Union County because it allows you to avoid many of the additional costs associated with in-ground burial. In general, mausoleum space for two at Memorial Properties costs $1,760. If you would prefer a traditional in-ground burial, you must consider the cost of a casket, burial vaults or grave liners, and the monument/marker. Depending on the material it is made from, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 for a casket. 

Another burial option that has gained popularity in recent years is cremation. Cremation costs will be higher if there is a viewing because, in this case, embalming is required. Those willing to spend more often choose cremation with a traditional funeral service. As a family-owned and operated company, Memorial Properties offers financial options to meet everyone’s needs and budget. Our goal is to make sure you and your family have access to the highest quality burial services at the most affordable price. 

Honoring Religious and Cultural Traditions

At Memorial Properties, we understand the importance of religion, traditions, and family during funeral and burial planning. In a sincere effort to accommodate the needs of all our customers, we have numerous special programs to honor the religious and cultural differences of those in Union County. Each of our programs can be personalized to ensure that your memorial or burial service incorporates all of the specific distinctions that make this ceremony unique to you or your loved one. Ourcustomizable burial programs in NJinclude: 

Choosing a Final Resting Place

Choosing a final resting place is deeply personal. As with all other decisions related to your final arrangements, you should weigh your burial options carefully. There is no right or wrong choice, only the one that is best for you and your loved ones. Whether you choose to have a traditional burial or cremation, you want to choose a relaxing location with some connection or significance to your life. Many families, friends, and future generations want to visit their loved ones after they die, which can impact the location and specifics of a final resting place. No matter what you have in mind for where you’d like to be buried, Memorial Properties has a place for you. At Saint Stephen’s Cemetery & The Chapel at Short Hills, we cater to a wide range of burial options for those in Union County, NJ. 

Memorial Properties Cemeteries and Mausoleums Near Union County – Saint Stephen’s Cemetery & The Chapel at Short Hills

Saint Stephen’s Cemetery & The Chapel at Short Hills is proud to serve residents of Union County with a beautiful final resting place, whether you are pre-planning a funeral for yourself or making arrangements for a loved one. Memorial Properties built The Chapel at Short HillsonSaint Stephen’s Cemetery grounds for those who wish to be buried in an above-ground mausoleum. The newly constructed community mausoleum features imported marble, a grand staircase, elegant lighting, and quiet places for reflection. At Memorial Properties, we will work closely with you to ensure that your loved one is honored properly, paying careful attention to each and every detail. 

Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Burial Arrangements in NJ

Death is never easy to talk about, but it is an inevitable part of life.Pre-planning your funeral and burial arrangementsin Union County, NJ will make this time a bit easier on your loved ones and allow them to focus on celebrating your life rather than worrying about how you’d want to be remembered. In addition, funeral costs rise every year. By planning your funeral now, you can eliminate the financial burden and save your loved ones a great deal of money in the future. When you meet with a member of our team at Memorial Properties, you’ll receive a certificate of credit up to $1495 to put towards an above-ground space, in-ground interment space, or community bible niche at one of our mausoleums or cemeteries. To learn more about our pre-planning service and benefits in NJ, please call (732) 820-0211 today. 

Compassionate Funeral and Burial Services Near Union County

For over 30 years, Memorial Properties has served as a crucial part of New Jersey’s death care industry, providing compassionate funeral and burial services in Union County and the surrounding areas. Whether you need to make arrangements for a loved one who recently passed away or are looking to pre-plan your own funeral, we will walk you through every step of the process. For morepricing information, to take a tour of ourcemeteries and mausoleums, or to learn more about our services and the pre-planning process, please don’t hesitate tocontact ustoday.