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Family owned + operated since 1985

Memorial Properties

Cemeteries in New Jersey

Memorial Properties began in 1985 with a sincere desire to address the major trends in the New Jersey/ New York Death Care Industry. We are family owned and offer individual services and financial options to meet everyone’s needs. Memorial Properties is willing to break traditions to help serve our families better and believe today’s wisdom is tomorrow’s peace of mind. This philosophy will assure your family the best possible options at your lowest possible cost.


These points of service have allowed our company to become the cemetery, mausoleum and cremation leader in the Metropolitan New Jersey/New York Area. Memorial Properties has special programs to meet your family’s special needs. We are proud of our contribution to those thousands of families who have taken advantage of advanced planning.

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Why Memorial Properties?

Our goal is to help you find joy in the way you choose to remember, honor, and celebrate your loved ones.


Our properties are located in some of the finest neighborhoods in the state. Our chapels are considered the premiere luxury mausoleums in the country at a cost that can be half of a below ground burial.


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Unique Options

Memorial Properties offering services for an alternative farewell ride for the motorcycle enthusiasts or people looking for a unique way to be sent off on their final journey.

Benefits of Pre-Planning

Don’t overlook all of the advantages of doing now what has to be done sooner or later. You can PRE-PLAN together, on terms that suit you, and avoid the rising costs inflation is bound to bring. It’s never a question of IF: the only question is WHEN, by WHOM, and HOW MUCH. It’s a decision you’ll never regret- we know because we’ve watched far too many families suffer through agonizing decisions when they were overcome with grief.


  • Ease the burden on your family
  • Guarantee your preferred space location
  • Allow your family to have the benefit of a meaningful funeral
  • Ensure that your loved one’s wishes are followed
  • Create an easy payment plan to spare your loved ones’ of financial worries

Financial Savings Today. Emotional Savings Tomorrow. Peace Of Mind Forever

Burial Options at Memorial Properties Locations


Memorial Properties offers many options for traditional in-ground burial in their beautifully landscaped cemetery.  We provide a warm, welcoming place to visit a loved ones memorial.

Above Ground

Our  beautiful indoor setting provides the prestige, dignity and serenity of above-ground burial. The relaxing and comfortable environment setting allows families to visit their loved ones regardless of the weather, in a peaceful atmosphere.


Memorial Properties has long been the leader in the cremation industry, recognizing the increasing demand for cremation and memorialization.

Burial Services in NJ – Areas We Serve

Memorial Properties is proud to provide compassionate burial services to the towns surrounding each of our mausoleum and cemetery locations. We provide those in the following towns access to above-ground burial, in-ground burial, cremation services, special burial programs, and more.

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